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The Texas Technology Student Association (TSA) State Competition is managed and conducted by the Texas TSA Board of Directors and Texas TSA State Contest Director, under the oversight of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and its policies regarding CTSOs. The state competition includes: a business meeting, state officer elections, project competition and student competitive events.

All interested Technology Education students in Texas are invited to attend this annual meeting. The specific time and place of events and contest details will be distributed by the Contest Director.

The cost of transporting and insuring the projects to and from the competition is the responsibility of the school, teachers, and student. Texas TSA will not be responsible for damage, loss, or theft before, during, or after the competition. Texas TSA will not be responsible for mailing or shipping of any projects or awards. Chapters will be solely responsible for picking up projects and awards at the end of the State Contest. Anything left after contest will be thrown away by the Fort Worth Convention Center within 1 hour after the closing of the last general session.

The competition is restricted to the activities and classifications described in this publication. The competition does not attempt to provide a classification for additional activities that might be conducted in the Technology Education programs or other school programs. Only those students and advisors who are registered members of the Texas Technology Student Association (TSA) are on the regular mailing list. If you would like to receive information regarding state competition, or affiliation please contact the Texas TSA Executive Director

Visit the Affiliation page on our main website to learn more about how to join TSA.

State Contest Fees

After qualifying through a Texas TSA regional contest, students are eligible to participate and compete in the Texas TSA State Contest, held in Fort Worth. Dates for the event will be posted on the Texas TSA homepage or events page. The fees are as follows:

  • $80 per competitor includes 5 entries
  • $15 for each additional entry over 5
  • $15 per virtual competitor entry (this is someone who submits a project to state conference but does not attend. This applies to the HP/MP Classification areas only.)
  • $50 per Advisor
  • $25 per Chaperone
  • $45 Late Fee/attendee after the published deadline

Texas TSA does not refund any money for unused state entries. Texas TSA does not require a student to be present at State Contest to enter their project(s), unless they are competing in an event that requires the student to be physically present for the event. Those events include National Qualifying Events, Unique to Texas written tests or graphic Solutions, and most TSA Onsite Events.

Contest Management Team

Annually, Texas TSA recruits people to run all the Unique to Texas events and National Qualifying events, Coordinating Judge Chairman, National Qualifying Event Coordinator, School Awards Coordinator, all Room/Hall Coordinators, Special Services and Contest Consultants.

Instructors and all entrants who have a concern regarding event or competition rules should first contact the event coordinator (if available) to voice your concern. For further concerns, you may contact the contest management team, their contact information can be found here.

Event Coordinators

Texas TSA Rulebook Entries

Each event coordinator, after consultation with the state contest director, is responsible for the operation of the area assigned and has complete control and authority concerning that event. Questions of eligibility are the responsibility of the State Advisor. Concerns/Protests regarding an event must be directed to the Event Coordinator at the time of the event using either the Texas TSA Protest Form.

National Qualifying Events

The event coordinator works under the guidance of the NQE managers appointed by Texas TSA. If modifications are needed to the structure or rules of the event those have been approved by the NQE Managers. Protests must be made the time of the event using the National Qualifying Event Protest Form.

Required Identification

All individuals inside the convention center are required to display identification at all times. This also includes anyone competing in any competition(s) that may be held outside of the convention center building. Identification must be in the form of Conference Badge and Lanyard supplied by Texas TSA when a chapter checks in, registers and picks up their entry labels upon arrival. Conference Badge & Lanyard must be worn around the neck in plain view at all times. There is a charge for replacement of lost/damaged/destroyed lanyards and/or Conference Badge.

ID Replacement Cost

The cost of a replacement ID is $5/badge.

Number of Entries Per Region

NQE & UTE On-Site Events

Number of entries at the state conference will follow the guidelines established in the on-site sections of this rulebook. See the NQE and Unique to Texas Events sections of the rulebook for number of entries allowed.

Category Projects Entries Per region

  • Middle School: 7 projects per region for each classification
  • High School Beginner: 7 projects per region for each classification
  • High School Experienced: 7 projects per region for each classification
Please Note

National events that will be conducted at the State Contest are located in the National Qualifying Events page or in the National TSA Competitive Events Guide.